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The effects of power failures on your alarm system

Over the last few years, we as a community have become increasingly effected by power failures for various reasons. We run most of our contemporary communication structures off power and are converting to wireless as fast as possible – but power failures still affect us. When it comes to your alarm system be AWARE – power failures can cause havoc!

Continuous power failures have a detrimental effect on batteries, reducing their life span. Many sealed lead acid batteries do not always recover from total discharge. Your battery only has a 6 hour standby time and, if the power continually fails, the recharge never fully recovers, leading to a failure in your system and you needing to replace your battery.

If your service provider calls to report a low battery, please take it seriously and have your system serviced. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your system is fully functional, your service provider will contact you in response to signals received. Should your Alarm activate and you get no response please call your provider immediately and schedule a service as there may be further system faults before signals are relayed. BE EMPOWERED – REMAIN FULLY CHARGED!