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Do you or don’t you need an alarm system?

If you have insurance, then yes! If you are at all vulnerable, then yes! What none of us need is a false alarming system!

Prevent this by purchasing the best solution for you and your environment. Never purchase in a hurry or accept a telephonic quote without your premises being assessed. The technology in this field is vast and there are many factors to consider. False alarming can be caused by: temperature variations, air movement, animals, and aging systems, to name a few.

Upgrading or renovating your premises, means including your alarm system in the equation. Contact your alarm provider so they may advise on the best solution.

Your alarm takes on a ‘personality’ of its own due to your environment and who engages with the system. Treat it well, arm and disarm correctly, regularly service it, and your alarm will always be there for you, providing armed response when you need it most.